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Fleet Risk Mapping and Vessel Profiling

The team at SVM collaborated with a large oil tanker company and worked on the complex problem of risk profiling each vessel in real time to determine whether a vessel is in the Incident Zone or not and then initiate positive intervention to move its profile to the Safe Zone.

It is acknowledged that the leadership team onboard has a significant influence on the safety culture and operational reliability of a vessel. Aligned with this, the fundamental criteria used to profile each vessel is the composition of the top four senior officers and their individual and combined risk profiles.

The outcome sought is to have the right team on the right vessel at the right time to substantially improve vessel performance and minimize incident potential both personal and operational. SVM built an analytics mechanism to predict the vessel’s risk probability based on 80+ variables from multiple data sources covering incident data, employment resource information, audit/inspection results, PMS data etc.

The model was designed to establish a relationship between vessel performance and its mix of officers based on the scores which helped to predict the risk level of a vessel. Over 50 vessels and 550+ seafarers risk scores were derived from various factors in order to predict the vessel’s risk probability and SVM team has achieved it with ~92% accuracy.

The application is not only intended to assist Marine HR in deployment of senior officers on board company vessels, but also provides the fleet managers with leading indicators to determine a vessels incident potential and proactively manage risk by initiating corrective measures to avert incidents. We thank the team at SVM, who helped in developing this industry leading risk management tool to enhance crew safety and operational reliability.


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