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Most modern organizations understand that the effective use and deployment of AI technology is the new game changer. AI can be the difference that gives you the competitive advantage. The winners will be companies that use AI for the full range of benefits; from product innovation, dynamic pricing, resource utilization, automation process and many more.

AI can transform your business and deploy the right technology, maximize resource utilization, and will shift the balance of competitive advantage and help you achieve the corporate vision. If this is the vision that you have for your corporation, then you need to create an AI strategy and the first step is to engage consultants who have experience in providing consultancy services.



We provide consultancy through the different stages of the artificial intelligence (AI) project life cycle. At each stage we evaluate success criteria, identify critical paths, identify risks and create action plans to mitigate or eliminate them.


We provide AI consulting services to enterprises in order to generate value while gaining a competitive advantage from insights to predictive analytics. Together with our AI consultancy, SEDGE can help businesses in their AI transformation journey from proof-of-concept (POC) to deployment of AI models and monitoring. Our team will help you to identify the value proposition, and help clients achieve the AI transformation.


The SEDGE AI consultancy team, with extensive knowledge of the development and implementation of AI products, are well versed in a multitude of use cases for companies. This superior track record has empowered our experts with the skills to provide world-class AI consultancy services.

We do it for you


Data is a collection of facts and statistics, which manifests through the different departments of the organization as part of the workflow process. Organizations should, as part of the AI strategy, set up the principles of big data governance. Selecting the right environment, as well as having the ability to scale up and scale down is important. Using cloud technology has its advantages in terms of costs, what is consumed and the flexibility to set up, change the configurations.

Big Data



Our team has years of experience in building large enterprise wide applications. By integrating various databases, we have successfully built complex AI projects for global companies. In tandem, our team has built SEDGE, an AI platform for data science teams within organisations, which is simple, intuitive and can be used by business users with minimal knowledge of data science.

Consulting for Enterprise


All over the world, companies are embarking upon AI projects, but many of them have been unsuccessful in implementing successful AI projects, due to:

  • Shortage of qualified AI talent

  • Lack of knowledge of the right type of technology available for AI projects

  • Incomplete, missing data, lack of data governance

  • No clear AI strategy or vision

  • Inability to handle extremely large datasets in real time


In this dynamic world, the importance of partnering with an experienced AI consulting is growing in pace, as more companies are integrating AI related products with their applications or environment. However, many companies that are implementing AI products have not yet reached maturity, or they are not educated on which AI product / service to implement. AI consulting will become a key component prior to implementing or integration of any AI product.



Our goal is to understand the client’s challenges, and identify opportunities and provide strategies, through the process of data exploration, visualization and analysis.


Combining these with an understanding of state-of-the-art AI, a SEDGE consultant can identify the most important AI initiatives for the company. Using a fully customized solution, our consultants prepare organizations by educating leaders within the organization. This is the most important component of the AI Strategy. Making each team leader aware of the value of the AI project will increase the awareness of the AI projects within the whole organization.


Third parties likely don’t know your data, infrastructure, and problems as well as your own employees. Hence, the feasible way is to bundle enthusiastic employees and educate them about AI.

Custom Solutions


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Consulting Process
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