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SVM Analytics and Solutions, Inc. is an analytics solution provider based out of Atlanta, GA, and is a subsidiary of Solverminds, India. SVM analytics and Solutions Inc (SVM US) aims to provide analytics solutions to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life sciences, Logistics, and Shipping companies. The company was registered in Atlanta, Georgia in Dec 2018 and has been providing AI solutions to global clients, and, the parent company has been providing AI solutions to the logistics and shipping industry since 2013. 

We apply decision support solutions built on machine learning, deep learning, and advanced analytics techniques to help our clients optimize their business/IT strategy, identify new growth areas, and outperform the competition. Our offerings include AI to Insight, Customer Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, and Product Intelligence.


The AI platform has helped our clients to build robust digital architecture and an AI journey with greater success. We do this by bringing together human insight, digital strategy, industry knowledge, design, and new technologies to create new experiences and unprecedented value.

SVM Analytics has built AI integrated products and solutions, which transform our client’s systems and provide tremendous value. Our AI platform provides collaboration, where users can share data, perform Data protection, data sampling, data wrangling, and build deploy and manage models at a rapid pace. We have partnered with our customers to help them gain an understanding of their data initiatives and rapidly develop solutions that achieve their business goals.

SVM US provides advanced data collection and management expertise, as well as artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities that help clients create highly-personalized digital experiences, products, and services at every touchpoint of the customer journey.



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  • LinkedIn
  • 30 years of experience inMaritime Industry

  • Ex. Financial Controller Norasia Services

  • Deck Officer- Merchant Marine

  • M.Sc. in International Shipping (Distinction)

  • Certified in Neural Network and Deep Learning

  • Maersk Line Postgraduate award for the best dissertation

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  • LinkedIn
  • 30 years of experience in
    Maritime Industry

  • Ex. Head of Strategic Planning & Business Development Manager Norasia Services

  • Served as Deck Officer

  • Graduated as Master in Shipping Law (LLM) from the University of Wales, Cardiff (UK)

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  • LinkedIn
  • 22 years of experience in
    Maritime Industry

  • Manager, HSEQ & Marine Operations – NYK, NYKSM

  • NYK Group In-house Ship Manager’s Group SMS Manager

  • 3rd Party Ship Managers and Vessels’ Safety Performance
    Audit & Evaluations

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  • LinkedIn
  • More than 17 yrs. Exp. in IT Project Management for Maritime Industry

  • Masters in Computer Science and Business Management

  • PMP Certified

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  • LinkedIn
  • Born and Educated in England and later moved to South Africa

  • 40 Years in Liner Shipping and Technology Industry

  • Ex- Chief Information Officer of United Arab Shipping Company (UASC)

  • Headed the project for a fully integrated Liner and Agency Shipping system, headed the successful implementation in over 60 Countries with a Budget exceeding 100m

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  • LinkedIn
  • 24+ years of experience in IT Strategy & Operations

  • Ex- Chief Information Officer Kuok
    (Singapore) Ltd.

  • Ex- Acting Chief Information Officer UASC

  • Ex- Head – IT Strategy, Governance & Planning – UASC

  • Masters Degree in Maritime Studies

  • Advanced Higher Graduate Diploma Computer Science, Malaysia

  • COBIT 5 Foundation &
    Implementation Certificate

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  • LinkedIn
  • 20+ years of experience in Maritime Industry

  • Ex. General Manager – Digitization Projects @ Maersk

  • Expertise- People Leadership, Project & program Management, BPO services Management, Customer Svc Excellence

  • Post Graduate – MBA – International Business PSGIM, Coimbatore

  • ITIL Certified, PRINCE 2 practitioner, Salesforce Admin, Six Sigma / Lean Process management, Agile Coach





  • LinkedIn
  • 15 years of experience in Software development.​

  • Postgraduate in Master of Computer Application.​

  • Certification in Data Science and​
    High-Performance Computing




Solverminds Solutions has humble origins that can be traced back to an idea nearly 20 years ago. It all started as a lively discussion between Anthony Damian and Mohit Oberio at a Starbucks Café in Hong Kong. The idea? To develop a state-of-the-art application that is unique but can be utilized across many industries. With both executives bringing extensive liner shipping experience as well as their compounded expertise in business development, strategic planning, financial control, etc., to the table, they knew that there would be significant opportunity to create and establish a market for this product.

The Beginning: ERP


Solverminds Solutions & Technologies PTY Ltd was formed in September 2003 as a liner shipping software development company with all of three people on the payroll and USD 5,000 in the bank. Based in Chennai because of the availability of affordable, high quality resources, we began to develop and sell various modules for ERP products. After three years our own ERP solution was ready and bigger deals with liner shipping companies started rolling in .Solverminds Solutions has since grown steadily and now boasts 420 employees based at our branches in India, Singapore, Hamburg, the United Kingdom and America, with our sights set on future expansion into Dubai, UAE.


Quality and Longevity


Part of Part of our journey over the years has involved the inclusion of quality control and Six Sigma processes to ensure we continually deliver outstanding quality to our customers. As a result, we are proud to say that our customers continue to stay with us, some for nearly 20 years, due to our commitment to providing quality services and products, our predictable on-time delivery, and our investment in developing long-term relationships.

Big Data and AI, Backed by Trust


Because of our personalized approach to IT services that starts the moment a customer enquires with us, we now have the privilege of serving some of the largest shipping companies in the world, even though we (Solverminds) are a relatively small company .That in itself takes a lot of trust. Organizations trust us with vast amounts of data.


This trust is what lead to the natural development of our next focus: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). When a lot of companies opted to use business intelligence (BI) services, we decided we would build an AI and ML platform that allows the user to automatically generate or explore data,  create value in terms of identifying patterns, gaining actionable insights into the data, or support decision-making. Along with the AI and ML offering, we also worked on optimization services.


We always took on the challenge of solving exciting problems, like how to automatically plan container ships or bulk ships. We opted to use one of the most difficult Operation Research techniques to solve these diverse challenges. While doing this, we were intrigued by the development happening in AI and we were quite excited to integrate AI and ML across our own ERP applications and other products. This integration now forms one of our key applications in our products. As we continued to see growth in AI and ML in response to the market’s need for a competitive advantage, the advent of search came in.


We have since created a complete AI and ML platform where users can work on their data sets, or even blend different data sets together and then run a complete exploration like statistical analysis, data mining, and outlier analysis or deleting outlier information etc., without the need for a massive data science team.


A complete statistical analysis can be done by the users and they can build models, which can be deployed on to the production servers. These models can in fact, give actionable feedback to the users on how good or bad the predictive analytics has been, allowing them to further improve their model. We are now doing a lot of work in optimization because of our AI and ML models which we are building up . Looking ahead, we predict we will continue to give businesses tremendous value and advantage when they harness the potential of AI and of RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

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