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About SVM Analytics

SVM Analytics and Solutions, Inc. is an analytics solution provider based out of Atlanta, GA, and is a subsidiary of Solverminds, India. SVM analytics and Solutions Inc (SVM US) provides analytics solutions to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life sciences, Logistics, and Shipping companies. The company is registered in Atlanta, Georgia in Dec 2018 and has been providing AI solutions to global clients.


SVM Analytics has built AI integrated products and solutions, which transform our client’s systems and generated tremendous value. We partner with our customers to help them gain an understanding of their data initiatives and rapidly develop solutions that achieve their business goals.

SVM US provides advanced data collection and management expertise, as well as artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities that help clients create highly-personalized digital experiences, products, and services at every touchpoint of the customer journey.


We apply conversational AI and decision support solutions built on machine learning, deep learning, and advanced analytics techniques to help our clients optimize their business/IT strategy, identify new growth areas, and outperform the competition. Our offerings include AI to Insight, Customer Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, and Product Intelligence.


The business helps our clients imagine and build the Digital Economy. We do this by bringing together human insight, digital strategy, industry knowledge, design, and new technologies to create new experiences and launch new business models

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